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 From : Eugene Grosbein                      2:5006/1       27 Oct 2001  13:03:42
 To : All
 Subject : The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition is now available.
 Для непонятливых - идет в дистрибутиве.
 Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 17:47:07 -0700
 From: Murray Stokely <murray@FreeBSD.ORG>
 To: announce@FreeBSD.ORG
 Subject: FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition
 The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition is now available.
 The FreeBSD Handbook is the primary source of documentation produced
 by the FreeBSD Documentation Project.  This new edition contains over
 650 pages of material about FreeBSD and has been completely updated to
 reflect FreeBSD 4.X and 5.0-CURRENT.
 The following changes have been made since the first edition :
 (Taken from the preface)
     * A complete index and several new appendices have been added.
     * All ASCII figures have been replaced by graphical diagrams.
     * A standard synopsis has been added to each chapter to give a
       quick summary of what information the chapter contains, and what
       the reader is expected to know.
     * The content has been logically reorganized into three parts:
       "Getting Started", "System Administration", and "Appendices".
     * The typsetting has been significantly enhanced to make the text
       easier to read.
     * Chapter 2 ("Installing FreeBSD") was completely rewritten with
       many screenshots added to make it easier for new users to grasp
       the text.
     * Chapter 3 ("Unix Basics") has been expanded to contain
       additional information about processes, daemons, and signals.
     * Chapter 4 ("Installing Applications") has been expanded to
       contain additional information about binary package management.
     * Chapter 5 ("The X Window System") has been completely rewritten
       with an emphasis on using modern desktop technologies such as
       KDE and GNOME on XFree86 4.x.
     * Chapter 6 ("Configuration and Tuning") is a new chapter for this
     * Chapter 7 ("The FreeBSD Booting Process") has been expanded.
     * Chapter 12 ("Storage") has been rewritten from what used to be
       two separate chapters on "Disks" and "Backups".  We feel that
       the topics are easier to comprehend when presented as a single
       chapter.  A section on RAID (both hardware and software) has
       also been added.
     * Chapter 14 ("Sound") is a new chapter for this edition!
     * Chapter 15 ("Serial Communications") has been completely
       reorganized and updated for FreeBSD 4.X/5.X.
     * Chapter 16 ("PPP and SLIP") has been substantially updated.
     * Chapter 17 ("Advanced Networking") has been greatly expanded
       with many new sections.
     * Chapter 18 ("Electronic Mail") has been expanded to include more
       information about configuring sendmail.
     * Chapter 20 ("Linux Compatibility") has been expanded to include
       information about installing Oracle and SAP/R3.
 The book was typeset using the open-source tools used by the FreeBSD
 Documentation Project (http://www.FreeBSD.org/docproj).
 This book would not be possible without the hard work of many people.
 In particular, we'd like to single out the following authors who
 contributed substantial amounts of text to make this book a reality :
 Satoshi Asami, Neil Blakey-Milner, Matt Dillon, Dima Dorfman, Udo
 Erdelhoff, Jordan Hubbard, Sean Kelly, Jun Kuriyama, Chern Lee, Bruce
 Mah, Jim Mock, Mark Murray, David O'Brien, Chris Piazza, Randy Pratt,
 Christopher Shumway, Mike Smith, Brian Somers, G. Adam Stanislav, Greg
 Sutter, Bill Swingle, Michael C. Wu, Valentino Vaschetto, and everyone
 else who has contributed updates to this book over the past 6 years.
 We would also like to thank Wind River Systems for supporting the
 publication of this book by paying several authors to add additional
 chapters to the book and to enhance the infrastructure for
 print-output in our open-source toolchain.  This work was paid for by
 Wind River but has been contributed back to the FreeBSD community.
 The book is available now from the FreeBSD Mall :=20
   Thanks and enjoy!
   - Murray Stokely and Nik Clayton
     Editors, FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition
 --- slrn/ (FreeBSD)
  * Origin: SVZ-Service (2:5006/1@fidonet)

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 The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition is now available.   Eugene Grosbein   27 Oct 2001 13:03:42 
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