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  Wednesday, June 07 2006 22:11 Andrey Slusar   All:
  AS> One other thing I've noticed is that system interactivity suffers a
  AS> lot when the interfaces are heavily loaded, i.e. handling high frame
  AS> rates. The interfaces keep going, but the shell becomes unresponsive
  AS> until the traffic subsides.
  AS> RealTek asked for driver support for 5.x, 6.x and 7.x. I think I have
  AS> 6.x under control. Now I need to do 7.x. I put a copy of the 6.x code
  AS> I'm testing now at:
  AS> The main changes are:
  AS> - Added support for all the new PCI IDs and hwrevs in all the devices
  AS>   RealTek sent me (8169SB/8110SB, 8169SC/8110SC, 8168B/8111B, 8101E).
  AS> - Finally fixed EEPROM access for all devices. (You have to be careful
  AS>   how you enable access to the EEPROM chip: first you flip the
  AS>   'EEPROM programming mode' bit, and *then* you flip the EE chip
  AS>   select bit. Doing them both in one access doesn't work.) The station
  AS>   address is always read from the EEPROM now.
  AS> - Modified the interrupt handling to use a 'fast' handler, similar to
  AS>   what I did in the VxWorks driver. This seems necessary for the PCIe
  AS>   devices, which appear to require that all their pending interrupt
  AS>   events be 'drained' otherwise they stop delivering interrupts
  AS> entirely.
  AS> - Modified the rgephy driver to only perform the DSP fixup for rev 0
  AS>   and rev 1 of the on-board RealTek PHY in the gigE chips, per the
  AS>   RealTek-supplied code.
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