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 From : Slawa Olhovchenkov                   2:5030/500     20 Jan 2008  21:34:20
 To : All
 Subject : Вести с полей
 des         2008-01-08 08:00:06 UTC
   FreeBSD src repository
   Added files:
     usr.bin/unzip        Makefile unzip.1 unzip.c
   Welcome unzip(1), a pure BSD drop-in replacement for ports/unzip.  In its
   current state, it can handle all but four of the 991 zip files (including
   jar files) I was able to identify in the ports tree.  The remaining four
   are two self-extracting archives and two which have garbage preceding the
   first local header.  This limitation is a feature of libarchive(3) which
   I am currently working to resolve.
   The code is unnecessarily large due to the need to emulate the exact
   command-line syntax and behaviour of ports/unzip.  My initial incompatible
   implementation was one quarter the size of the one I am committing here.
 ... Suxx & Must Die!
 --- GoldED+/BSD 1.1.5
  * Origin:  (2:5030/500)

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 Вести с полей   Slawa Olhovchenkov   20 Jan 2008 21:34:20 
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