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 From : Eugene Grosbein                      2:5006/1       28 Mar 2002  12:20:19
 To : Alexandr Kovalenko
 Subject : Re: 4.4 или 4.5.
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 27 мар 2002, среда, в 20:26 KRAST, Alexandr Kovalenko написал(а):
  AK> What Is FreeBSD-STABLE?
  AK> FreeBSD-STABLE is our development branch from which major releases are
  AK> made. Changes go into this branch at a different pace, and with the
  AK> general assumption that they have first gone into FreeBSD-CURRENT first
  AK> for testing. This is still a development branch, however, and this means
  AK> that at any given time, the sources for FreeBSD-STABLE may or may not be
  AK> suitable for any particular purpose. It is simply another engineering
  AK> development track, not a resource for end-users.
  AK> Внимательно прочитать и понять.
 Так было не всегда. Изначально (и долгое время) STABLE была как раз
 for end-users, for production. Эту отписку придумали уже после 4.0,
 post-factum, когда STABLE стало слишком часто лихорадить.
 "Люди забыли эту истину," - сказал Лис, - "но ты не забывай"
 --- slrn/ (FreeBSD)
  * Origin: Svyaz Service JSC (2:5006/1@fidonet)

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 Re: 4.4 или 4.5.   Eugene Grosbein   28 Mar 2002 12:20:19 
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