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 From : Vladislav Myasnyankin                2:5080/101.8   21 May 2000  01:24:25
 To : All
 Subject : Кто чего скажет ?
 Hу что, господа любители срыва стека ? Выскажитесь по поводу:
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  The libsafe library protects a process against the exploitation of buffer
  overflow vulnerabilities in process stacks. Libsafe works with any existing
  pre-compiled executable and can be used transparently, even on a system-wide
  basis. The method intercepts all calls to library functions that are known
  to be vulnerable. A substitute version of the corresponding function
  implements the original functionality, but in a manner that ensures that any
  buffer overflows are contained within the current stack frame. Libsafe has
  been shown to detect several known attacks and can potentially prevent yet
  unknown attacks. Experiments indicate that the performance overhead of
  libsafe is negligible.
  The following unsafe functions are currently monitored by libsafe:
  strcpy(char *dest, const char *src)
  May overflow the dest buffer.
  strcat(char *dest, const char *src)
  May overflow the dest buffer.
  getwd(char *buf)
  May overflow the buf buffer.
  gets(char *s)
  May overflow the s buffer.
  [vf]scanf(const char *format, ...)
  May overflow its arguments.
  realpath(char *path, char resolved_path[])
  May overflow the path buffer.
  [v]sprintf(char *str, const char *format, ...)
  May overflow the str buffer.
  Where to get libsafe
  The source code for libsafe can be found at
 ============================ end ==========================
 Hasta luego !
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