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 From : Dmitry Kiselev                       2:5020/400     01 Mar 2007  13:15:33
 To : All
 Subject : jfyi: долгожданная barracuda
 The Cisco 7600 team is proud to announce the availability of 12.2(33)SRB 
 Software release ahead of schedule. 12.2(33)SRB is the second major 
 release on the Cisco 7600 12.2SR train.
 This release delivers over 200 new features as well as new hardware 
 including Route Switch Processor 720 engine, new 20Gbps line cards 
 20-port GE, 2-port 10GE),  new chassis (7609-S, 7606-S, and 7603-S) and 
 Circuit Emulation SPA (CEoPS). Software enhancements span multiple 
 technology areas like Carrier Ethernet, Layer 2 VPNs, High Availability, 
 QoS, IPv6, IP routing and IP Multicast
 Important Note: Starting 12.2(33)SRB release only Cisco7600 chassis will 
 be supported.
 Dmitry Kiselev
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  * Origin: Volia ISP News Site (2:5020/400)

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 jfyi: долгожданная barracuda   Dmitry Kiselev   01 Mar 2007 13:15:33 
 jfyi: долгожданная barracuda   Slawa Olhovchenkov   01 Mar 2007 13:25:38 
 jfyi: долгожданная barracuda   Slawa Olhovchenkov   07 Mar 2007 16:07:08 
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